Netherwood households by county then piece/book/folio/page (so geographic areas are grouped together).
Not an exact transcription. Institutions (marked #) not transcribed in full.
CAUTION: For 1841, enumerators were instructed to round ages down to the next five for individuals over age 15 (that is, someone aged 18 would have been reported as 15, someone 59 as 55, etc.). Not all enumerators did so, and actual ages reported appear to have been given for some households. Where they appear to have been rounded down, ages have been placed in single quotes as a reminder. In still other cases, the rounded age was written over the reported age; where the latter can be read with confidence, the reported age has been given.
ANOTHER CAUTION: Enumerators were instructed to list all members of a family beginning with the head and enter a slash at the end of each family; a double slash was to mark the end of names in each house. Because this wasn't always done, it is sometimes impossible to separate households (which often contain more than one family) especially in multi-family dwellings. Such cases are noted below.
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  Census Address
  SURNAME Forename Age Occupation Born in Same County?
  CAM Swavesey, Market st
  COVILL John '55' ag lab Yes
  COVILL Elizabeth '50'   Yes
  COVILL John '15'   Yes
  COVILL Joshua '15'   Yes
  INGLETT Mary 81 independent Yes
  NETHERWOOD Sarah '15' female servant Yes
  CAM Swavesey, Market st
  NETHERWOOD John '60' ag lab Yes
  NETHERWOOD Ann '55'   Yes
  NETHERWOOD John '20' bricklayer Yes
  NETHERWOOD Edward '20' ag lab Yes
  CHS Tranmere, Oak Tree pl, Limekiln Ln
  NETHERWOOD Abraham '45' stone mason journeyman No
  NETHERWOOD Martha '40'   No
  NETHERWOOD Martha '15'   No
  NETHERWOOD John 10   No
  NETHERWOOD Richard 8   No
  NETHERWOOD William 6   No
  NETHERWOOD Atherton 3   Yes
  NETHERWOOD James 17 mos.   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Arthur 17 mos.   Yes
  CHS Birkenhead, Chester st, 73
  CARTER William '30' teacher No
  CARTER Emma '30' straw hatter &c No
  SOWERBY John 10   No
  SOWERBY Emma 9   No
  CARTER Sarah 4   No
  MOORE Elizabeth '15' straw hatter &c Yes
  HAYES Elizabeth '15' straw hatter apprentice No
  NETHERWOOD Louisa '15' female servant No
  DEV Exeter, Sheriff's Ward # [County debtors' prison]
  NETHERWOOD Edmund '35' mariner [and prisoner] Yes
  DEV Devonport, Monument st
  NETHERWOOD Mary '80' independent Yes
  PINK Maria '55'   Yes
  PINK Maria '20'   Yes
  DEV Devonport, Catherine st
  HANCOCK William '20' grocer No
  NETHERWOOD Ann '25'* governess No
  NETHERWOOD Ann 10 pupil Yes
  THORNTON Emma 11 pupil Yes
  *Should be 35.
  ERY Howden, Bridge Gate
  STEEL William 25 tailor Yes
  STEEL Eliza 25
  STEEL Joseph 5
  STEEL Ann 3
  STEEL William 1
  KERSHAW George 23 journeyman Yes
  NETHERWOOD Daniel 17 apprentice Yes
  COOK Ann 14 female servant Yes
  ESS Bowers Gifford
  NATHERWOOD Edward 48 bailiff --
  NATHERWOOD Sophia 44
  NATHERWOOD William 7
  NATHERWOOD Lueza [Louisa] 2
  ESS Hockley
  BAKER George 45 ag lab Yes
  BAKER Ann 44
  BAKER George 21 ag lab Yes
  BAKER Samuel 19 ag lab Yes
  BAKER Hariott [Harriet] 16
  BAKER Ann 12
  NETHERWOOD Edward 25 ag lab Yes
  ESS Prittlewell, Blue Boar Inn
  BRAGG Samuel '30' innkeeper Yes
  BRAGG Ameila [Amelia] '25'   Yes
  BRAGG Charles 6   Yes
  BRAGG Elizabeth 1   Yes
  KING John '25' male servant Yes
  WIGGINS Sarah '20' female servant Yes
  PRENTICE John '20' journeyman wheelwright Yes
  MEAD Thomas '25' ag lab Yes
  BUCKLE Samuel '30' tinman Yes
  NETHERWOOD Susan '20' independent Yes
  WEBB Thomas '55' ag lab Yes
  HUN Hartford
  NETHERWOOD Mary '55' charwoman Yes
  NETHERWOOD Martha '20'
  NETHERWOOD Isaac '20' ag lab Yes
  NETHERWOOD Matilda 14   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Eliza 12   Yes
  QUICE [QUINCE] Sarah '30' female servant Yes
  QUICE [QUINCE] William 9   Yes
  HUN Hartford, High st
  SMALLBONES William 29 hair dresser Yes
  SMALLBONES Elizabeth 29 milliner Yes
  NETHERWOOD Rebecca 18 female servant Yes

  HUN Hartford, High st
  SWETTING Henry '50' solicitor Yes
  SWETTING Julia '50'   Yes
  SWETTING Julia '20'   Yes
  SWETTING Catherine '20'   Yes
  SWETTING Jane '15'   Yes
  SWETTING Emily '15'   Yes
  EDWARDS Louisa '30' governess Yes
  SANNINGTON? Elizabeth '25' female servant Yes
  NUNNS Elizabeth '25' female servant Yes
  NETHERWOOD Jane '25' female servant Yes
  CATER Maria '20' female servant Yes
  MARKITT Fanny '15' female servant Yes
  SAMPSON Eliza '25' female servant No
  JACOB Samuel '20' male servant Yes
  SCOONES Henry 6   No
  SCOONES Jane 2   No
  BAKER Ann '25' female servant No
  KEN Chatham, Prospect row
  NETHERWOOD George '35' modeller Yes
  NETHERWOOD Ann '25'   Yes
  KEN Chatham, Richard st
  NETHERWOOD Thomas 67 P[?ensioner] Yes
  NETHERWOOD Elizabeth 57   Yes
  LAN Rochdale, Oldham rd
  NETHERWOOD William '60' wheelwright No
  NETHERWOOD Margaret '55'   Yes
  NETHERWOOD William 10   Yes
  GREENWOOD Mary '25'   Yes
  GREENWOOD William 7   Yes
  WOOD Betty '20'   Yes
  LAN Manchester, Travis st
  DRIVER Eli '20' butcher No
  DRIVER Martha '25'
  DRIVER Anne 6
  NETHERWOOD George '25' labourer No
  NETHERWOOD Harriet '25'
  NETHERWOOD John 3 mos.
  MDX Finsbury, Barnsbury ter
  NETHERWOOD Elizabeth '20' female servant No
  NETHERWOOD Mary '55' independent No
  MDX Finsbury, Tabernacle Walk
  NOTAL Jacob '50' general agent Yes
  NOTAL Elizabeth '35'
  NOTAL Abigail '50'
  SEALE Samuel '30' dyer journeyman Yes
  SEALE Frances '25'
  SEALE Samuel 3
  NETHERWOOD Sarah '25'
NOTAL a separate household?
  MDX Finsbury, Windmill st, 15
  DAVIS George '45' grocer No
  DAVIS Elizabeth '45'
  DAVIS Mathias 14
  DAVIS John 9
  DAVIS Eden '15' apprentice No
  DAVIS John 13 apprentice No
  NETHERWOOD Thomas '20' coffee roaster No
  NETHERWOOD Mary '20'
  WRIGHT George '25' artist No
DAVIS and WRIGHT separate households?
  MDX Marylebone, Great Cumberland pl, 10*
  COOPE John '75' independent Yes
  COOPE Anna or Anne '60'
  COOPE Maria '35'
  COOPE Emily '20'
  COOPE Octavius '25'
  COOPE George '15'
  LEE George '40' independent No
  LEE Hannah '30'
  LEE Octavius 4
  BOXWORTH James '35' male servant No
  BROWN Robert '20' male servant No
  HUGHES William '25' male servant No
  NETHERWOOD James '25' male servant No
  PEARSE? Ann '40' female servant No
  LAWSON Mary '30' female servant No
  PEARSE Hester 10 female servant No
  ATKINSON Mary '20' female servant No
  SEAGRIT Marguerite '25' female servant Foreign parts
  VAUGHN Charles '15' independent No
*An elegant address; Lord Colchester was at No. 8, Earl Somers at No. 11.
  NRY Goldsbrough
  ATWOOD Alban T. 27 clergyman Wales
  ATWOOD Martha 30
  POOLE Ann 40
  BALDERSON Sarah 16
  SOM Huntspill
  POOLE Thomas '30' surgeon Yes
  POOLE Mary '25'   Yes
  POOLE Robert 1   Yes
  TAYLOR Elizabeth '25' independent Yes
  GOVIER Robert '15' dispenser Yes
  NETHERWOOD Elijah '20' male servant Yes
  GALLOP Anne '35' female servant Yes
  CASWELL Sarah '20' female servant Yes
  SOM Monksilver
  NETHERWOOD William '50' ag lab Yes
  NETHERWOOD Charlotte '35'   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Anne 18   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Casaia [Kezia] 15   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Elia [Eli] 13   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Eddy [female] 9   Yes
  SRY Croydon, Duppas Hill
  ALLEN James '40' attorney at law No
  ALLEN Catherine '25'   Yes
  ALLEN George 11   No
  ALLEN James 8   No
  ALLEN Catherine 7   No
  ALLEN Henry 3   No
  ALLEN Jane '45' independent No
  NETHERWOOD Martha '20' female servant No
  WETHERLY Mary '15' female servant No
  WRY Mirfield, Row
  NETHERWOOD Bessy '30' female servant Yes
  ALSOP? Ann '15' female servant Yes
  WRY Mirfield, Greenside
  SHEARD John '40' farmer Yes
  NETHERWOOD William '20' tailor Yes
  NETHERWOOD Mary '20'   Yes
  GREEN John 3   Yes
  WRY Mirfield, Royd Nook
  NETHERWOOD John 29 shoemaker Yes
  NETHERWOOD Betty 28   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Thomas* 6   Yes
  NETHERWOOD George 4   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Sarah 1   Yes
*Error for Sam/Samuel? See 1851.
  WRY Mirfield, Lee Green
  BARKER John 37 clothier Yes
  BARKER Hannah 35   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Joseph 15 clothier apprentice Yes

  WRY Mirfield, Bridge End
  NETHERWOOD Grace 37 shopkeeper Yes
  NETHERWOOD Sarah 18   Yes
  NETHERWOOD John 14   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Charles 11   Yes
  NETHERWOOD William 8
  NETHERWOOD Samuel 1 mo.   Yes
  WRY Wakefield, Kirkgate
  NETHERWOOD Joseph '20' maltster journeyman Yes
  NETHERWOOD Ann* '20'   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Henry* 1   Yes
*Enumerated twice. See WRY Halifax, Brighouse.
  WRY Wakefield, Warrengate
  NETHERWOOD Mary '60' -- Yes
  WRY Wakefield, Warrengate
  NETHERWOOD Charles '40' cordwainer Yes
  NETHERWOOD Mary '35'   No
  NETHERWOOD Jeremiah 4   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Thomas 2   Yes
  BEAUMONT Elizabeth '70'   Yes
  BEAUMONT Ann '15'   Yes
  BEAUMONT James 9   Yes
  WRY Wakefield, Westgate, Star Yard
  NETHERWOOD John '30' wool sorter Yes
  NETHERWOOD Ann '30'   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Henry 1   Yes
  WRY Wakefield, Cock and Swan Yard
  NETHERWOOD Elizabeth '60' ['widow' lined out] Yes
  WRY Huddersfield, New st
  BEVERS William '30' tailor Yes
  BEVERS Betsey 9   Yes
  BEVERS Sarah Ann 7   Yes
  BEVERS Alfred 3   Yes
  BEVERS Sarah '60' independent Yes
  BEVERS Ruth '15' female servant Yes
  NETHERWOOD John 18 tailor apprentice Yes
  BROOK George 15 tailor apprentice Yes
  HELLAWELL John 14 tailor apprentice --
  WRY Huddersfield, Union st
  NETHERWOOD George '40' shoemaker Yes
  NETHERWOOD William '15' shoemaker Yes
  NETHERWOOD Mary '15'   Yes
  NETHERWOOD John 14 plasterer Yes
  NETHERWOOD Bob 8 factory Yes
  NETHERWOOD Hannah 5   Yes
  WRY Huddersfield, West Parade
  NETHERWOOD Martha '60' independent Yes
  SHEARD Sarah 12 female servant Yes
  WESTENBY Ann 5   No
  HESELTINE Ann '50' -- Yes
There is a single slash after SHEARD but it's unlikely WESTENBY was head of another family at age five (!).
  WRY Huddersfield, Highfield
  NETHERWOOD Richard '45' woollen cloth ma[nufacturer] Yes
  NETHERWOOD Mary '40'   Yes
  NETHERWOOD William 13   Yes
  BROOM Eliza '30'   Yes
  BROOM Alice 1   No
  WRY Huddersfield, Bay Hall
  NEATHERWOOD Miles '40' shoemaker Yes
  NEATHERWOOD Abraham '20' stone mason Yes
  NEATHERWOOD Sarah 18   Yes
  NEATHERWOOD Joseph 11   Yes
  NEATHERWOOD Mary 9   Yes
  WRY Huddersfield, Bay Hall Common
  EDWARDS Henry '25' woollen ma[nufacturer] Yes
  EDWARDS Mary '25'   Yes
  EDWARDS John 5   Yes
  EDWARDS Sarah 3   Yes
  EDWARDS Ellen 11 mos.   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Martha 15 female servant Yes
  WRY Huddersfield, Willow Ln
  THORBURN James '35' warehouseman Scotland
  THORBURN Frances '30'   Yes
  THORBURN William 6   Yes
  THORBURN Alexander 5   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Mary '60'   Yes
  SHEARD Ann 13   Yes
  THORBURN Mary 3   Yes
  WRY Huddersfield, Cowcliffe
  PITCHFORTH Benjamin '25' laborer Yes
  PITCHFORTH Eliza '25'   Yes
  PITCHFORTH Hannah 2   Yes
  PITCHFORTH Ruth 4 mos.   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Hannah '50'   Yes
  WRY Huddersfield, Clough
  EASTWOOD Ann '45' innkeeper Yes
  EASTWOOD Thomas '45' painter Yes
  MARSHALL Hannah '15' female servant Yes
  NETHERWOOD George 12 male servant Yes
  HANDWEDGE Thomas 31 block cutter Ireland
  WRY Huddersfield, Nethroyd Hill
  NETHERWOOD John '60' spinner Yes
  NETHERWOOD Sarah '55'   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Sarah '25' female servant Yes
  NETHERWOOD Betty 18 female servant Yes
  NETHERWOOD Elizabeth 6   Yes
  WRY Huddersfield, Folly
  NETHERWOOD Thomas '50' cloth dresser Yes
  NETHERWOOD Elizabeth '50'   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Sarah '25'   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Hannah 24   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Thomas '20' tinner apprentice Yes
  NETHERWOOD Elizabeth 13   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Ellen 6   Yes
  WRY Huddersfield, Ash Brow
  TIFFANY John 68 cloth dresser Yes
  TIFFANY Nanny 65   Yes
  TIFFANY Richard 23 warehouseman Yes
  NETHERWOOD Sarah 4   Yes
  WRY Huddersfield, Folly
  NETHERWOOD John 36 woollen spinner Yes
  NETHERWOOD Nanny 33   Yes
  NETHERWOOD William 10   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Emma 8   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Joseph 7   Yes
  NETHERWOOD John 1   No
  WRY Huddersfield, Sheepridge
  NETHERWOOD Joseph 60 woollen spinner Yes
  NETHERWOOD Ann 58   Yes
  NETHERWOOD William 30 woollen spinner Yes
  NETHERWOOD Joseph 15   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Ann 10   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Henry 9   Yes
  WRY Huddersfield, Sheepridge
  NETHERWOOD John '35' velveteen cutter Yes
  NETHERWOOD Betty '35'   Yes
  NETHERWOOD William 13   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Hannah 11   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Edna 9   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Godfrey 7   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Tom 3   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Sarah Ann 1   Yes
  WRY Huddersfield, Cinderfield Dyke
  NETHERWOOD James 33 velveteen cutter Yes
  NETHERWOOD Frances 33   Yes
  NETHERWOOD William 12   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Joseph 8   Yes
  NETHERWOOD James Jr 4   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Ann 9 mos.   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Joseph 24 woollen spinner Yes
  WRY Huddersfield, Deighton
  HARRISON Sarah '45'   Yes
  HARRISON Abraham '20' woollen spinner Yes
  HARRISON Mary '15'   Yes
  HARRISON Isaiah? 12 coal miner Yes
  HARRISON Jacob 10 cotton piecer Yes
  HARRISON Joseph 7   Yes
  PEARSON Thomas '25' agricultural laborer Yes
  PEARSON Ann '25'   Yes
  PEARSON Betsy 1   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Henry 19 velveteen cutter Yes
HARRISON a separate household?
  WRY Huddersfield, Deighton
  NETHERWOOD William '25' velveteen cutter Yes
  NETHERWOOD Rhoda '25'   Yes
  WRY Huddersfield, Deighton
  NETHERWOOD Miles 70 farmer Yes
  NETHERWOOD Sarah 71   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Mary 47   Yes
  JACKSON Lydia 20 female servant Yes
  WRY Huddersfield, Deighton
  NETHERWOOD William '45' farmer Yes
  NETHERWOOD Martha '45'   Yes
  WOODHEAD Joseph '30' woollen spinner Yes
  WOODHEAD Sarah 24   Yes
  WOODHEAD Martha 7 mos.   Yes
  WRY Huddersfield, Leeds rd, Lane Dyehouse
  NETHERWOOD George '30' cloth dresser Yes
  NETHERWOOD Sarah '30'   Yes
  NETHERWOOD David 7   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Miles 1   Yes
  WRY Huddersfield, Fieldhouse
  BLACKBURN Samuel '50' farmer Yes
  BLACKBURN Hannah '40'   Yes
  BLACKBURN John '20' cloth finisher Yes
  BLACKBURN Ann '15'   Yes
  BLACKBURN Samuel 11   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Richard '15' mule piecener Yes
  HIRST Ellen '20' spr & ---* Yes
*The last word (illegible) is lined out.
  WRY Lindley, Field House
  NETHERWOOD Samuel '25' agricultural laborer Yes
  WRY Kirkburton, Cartworth, Underbank
  NETHERWOOD Thomas '35' woollen m[anufacturer] Yes
  NETHERWOOD Nancy '30'   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Elizabeth 10   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Ann 1   Yes
  MIDWOOD Edward '20' woollen m[anuf'r] apprentice Yes
  HIRST Maria '15' female servant Yes
  WRY Mold Green, Tolson bldgs
  NETHERWOOD George '35' spinner Yes
  NETHERWOOD Mary '30'   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Godfrey 9   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Law 8   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Ellis 5   Yes
  WRY Fewston
  NETHERWOOD Christopher 40 flax spinner Yes
  NETHERWOOD Mary 36   Yes
  NETHERWOOD William 17   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Mary 16   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Emily 14   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Barbara 13   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Eliza 8   Yes
  HOWDEN James 42 male servant Yes
  SMITH Mary 45 female servant Yes
  BRADLEY Esther 28 female servant Yes
  SNOWDEN Maria 25 female servant Yes
  THOMPSON Ann 22 female servant Yes
  BALDWIN Emily 24 governess No
  WRY Bilton with Harrogate
  TOMLINSON Ann '40' school mistress Yes
  NETHERWOOD Christopher 11   Yes
  GILL Isham 11   Yes
  NICHOLSON Walton 11   Yes
  GRAVES Richard 10   Scotland
  COPELEY Edward 8   Yes
  COPELEY John 6   Yes
  ABERTHNOT William 9   Scotland
  HUDSON William 7   Yes
  FENTON John 7   Yes
  SHEPHERD Elizabeth '20' female servant Yes
  KINGHORNE Mary '25' female servant Yes
  IDELL Thomas 19 tutor Yes
  WRY Middleton, Moorhouses
  NETHERWOOD William '45' farmer Yes
  NETHERWOOD Mary '45'   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Isabella '20'   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Mary '10'   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Ann 7   Yes
  HULLAM John '20' male servant Yes
  HARRISON Samuel '15' male servant Yes
  WRY Langbar
  NETHERWOOD Margaret '75' independent Yes
  WRY Birstall, Drighlington, Adwalton
  NETHERWOOD Titus '45' card maker journeyman Yes
  NETHERWOOD Mary 11   Yes
  WRY Liversedge, High Town, 972
  ASHLEY John '50' surgeon Yes
  ASHLEY Eliza '30'   Yes
  ASHLEY Sarah 6   Yes
  ASHLEY Ann 3   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Mary Ann '18' [female servant?*] Yes
*Says "F. M." with first letter overwritten -- was F. S. intended?
  WRY Bradford, Bowling, Wakefield rd, East side
  PRATT Judith '45' house work Yes
  PRATT Mary '15' weaver worsted Yes
  PRATT Sarah '15' weaver worsted Yes
  PRATT Benjamin 13   Yes
  SMITH Emma '15' weaver worsted Yes
  NETHERWOOD Mary '15' weaver worsted Yes
  WRY Fixby, Gilly Royd
  THORNTON Joseph 47 farmer Yes
  THORNTON Hannah 48   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Elizabeth 21   Yes
  WRY Halifax, Trafalgar
  BROADBENT William '45' grocer No
  BROADBENT Mary '45'   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Betty '70' independent Yes
  WRY Halifax, Little Albion st
  NETHERWOOD Mary '40' ['widow' lined out] Yes
  NETHERWOOD Agnes 12   Yes
  NETHERWOOD William 11   Yes
  WRY Halifax, Brighouse, Clifton Beck
  NEATHERWOOD David 49 beer seller Yes
  NEATHERWOOD Mary Ann 47   Yes
  NEATHERWOOD John William 9   Yes
  NEATHERWOOD Ann* 25   Yes
  NEATHERWOOD Henry* 1   Yes
  *Enumerated twice; see WRY Wakefield, Kirkgate.
Also, next door to the above is the family of James and Mary Ann (Netherwood) LAW.
  WRY Norland, Sparkhouse
  NETHERWOOD Joseph 41 stone mason Yes
  NETHERWOOD Judith 39   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Mary 17 woollen weaver Yes
  NETHERWOOD Sarah 13 piecener Yes
  NETHERWOOD Helen 11   Yes
  NETHERWOOD John 7   Yes
  NETHERWOOD James 6   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Susan 4   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Joseph 2   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Emmanuel [Samuel] 2 mos.   Yes
  WRY Otley, Otley Gill Brow
  NETHERWOOD William '40' slubber Yes
  NETHERWOOD Sarah '35'   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Thomas '15' wool carder* Yes
  NETHERWOOD John 14 wool piecer Yes
  NETHERWOOD Abraham 14 wool piecer Yes
  NETHERWOOD Mary 10 wool piecer Yes
  NETHERWOOD Elizabeth 7   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Joseph 5   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Hannah 3   Yes
  CHAPPEL John sr '40' wool spinner Yes
  CHAPPEL John jr 13 wool piecer Yes
  CHAPPEL Joseph 10 wool piecer Yes
  CHAPPEL a separate household?
*The top of a third word can be seen but was either erased or has faded to illegibility.
  WRY Otley, Cattle Market
  NETHERWOOD Jane 21 dress maker Yes
  NETHERWOOD Zillah 19 straw hat maker Yes
  NETHERWOOD Margaret 16 straw hat maker Yes
  SUMMERSALL Isabella 15 straw hat maker Yes
  WRY Kildwick, Kildwick Grange
  NETHERWOOD John '40' farmer Yes
  NETHERWOOD Margaret '40'   Yes
  NETHERWOOD John 5   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Mary 3   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Sarah 1   Yes
  PEEL Edward 19 male servant Yes
  WADE Anne 17 female servant Yes
  WRY Kildwick, Kildwick Grange
  NETHERWOOD Jane '80' independent Yes
  GILL Mary '40' independent Yes
  HORSFALL John 13   Yes
  WRY Kildwick, Brunthwaite
  COWLING Mary 68 farmer Yes
  COWLING Hannah 30   Yes
  COWLING John 26   Yes
  COWLING Samuel 22   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Grace 45   Yes
  WRY Silsden, Fenkell
  NETHERWOOD Margaret '45' grocer Yes
  MOON Mary '40'   Yes
  WRY Kildwick, Cringles
  NETHERWOOD John '35' farmer Yes
  NETHERWOOD Elizabeth '35'   Yes
  NETHERWOOD James 2   Yes
  WILLIAMSON Edwin 7   Yes
  WRY Skipton, Swadford st
  NETHERWOOD William '45' independent Yes
  MASON Ann '35' female servant Yes
  WRY Royston, Royston Ln
  WOMACK William '60' ag lab Yes
  WOMACK Ann '65'   Yes
  WOMACK Mary '25'   Yes
  WOMACK Sarah 5   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Charles 14   Yes
  NETHERWOOD George 13   Yes

  WRY Leeds, Fountain st, Nelson's ct
  NETHERWOOD Martha '45' burler Yes
  WRY Leeds, Chatham st, Rider's bldgs
  NETHERWOOD Nathaniel '45' woollen dresser journeyman Yes
  NETHERWOOD Rosette [Rosetta] '45'   Yes
  WRY Leeds, Chatham st, Park bldgs
  NETHERWOOD Joseph 40 cloth dresser Yes
  NETHERWOOD Harriet 38   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Eliza 5   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Anne 2   Yes
  NETHERWOOD Joseph 4 mos.   Yes
  YKS York, York Lunatic Asylum #
  NETHERWOOD Revd. John '35' patient, clergyman Yes

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