Abbreviations and Conventions

Should you find an abbreviation, etc., not listed below, please advise so a correction can be made.

-- no entry made in original
# in census, indicates an establishment with too many inhabitants to transcribe fully
&c etc. (an old way of abbreviating it)
? used to question a word or figure
-? used to question an entire item or to indicate plausible but unproven information
[ ] used to enclose comments by the study -- information from other sources or, with question mark, a possible alternate, as: cotton card [cord?] cutter
[?] huh?
{ } enclose comments within the document, such as a census official's on a census entry
{x} signed with a mark rather than a signature
in census, an unreadable or omitted portion of a word: woollen m…
abt about; same as circa but used after i.e. a year, to accommodate sorting in date order
adm administration
AF Ancestral File (LDS)
ag lab agricultural labourer, common in British censuses
Al, al alien
arr arriving, arrived
av avenue
B birth from the General Register Office index (British)
b birth
B.S. British subject
bach bachelor
bap baptism; for consistency, the term 'christening' is not used
B-in-L brother-in-law
bldgs buildings
bn banns
c., c circa, as: c1862
cen census
Co. County
cres crescent
CRO County Record Office (UK)
CWGC Commonwealth War Graves Commission (UK)
D death from General Register Office index (British)
d died; in an age, days: 5d = 5 days
Dau, dau daughter
D-in-L daughter-in-law
dir directory or directory listing
dom domestic
E in addresses, East
E.C. East Central, a former district of London
ED, ed enumeration district
eng engaged, engagement
est estimated
extr extract/s
-f- female
FHC Family History Center, a branch of the Salt Lake City library
FHL Family History Library, Salt Lake City (LDS)
F-in-L father-in-law
Fol, fol, f. Folio
fr from
FTM Family Tree Maker
Gdau grandaughter
GRO General Register Office (England and Wales)
GROS General Register Office of Scotland
Gson grandson
husb husband
IGI International Genealogical Index (LDS)
inf infant
Inv inventory
ISTG Immigrant Ship Transcribers Guild
jnr junior
LDS Latter-Day Saints, Church of Jesus Christ of
Lic, lic License
M marriage from the General Register Office index (British); in census, Married
-m- male
m in an age, months: 5m = 5 months
m, mar married
M.S., m.s. maiden surname (Scottish records)
ma marriage allegation
mb marriage bond
M-in-L mother-in-law
ML Marriage license
MMN mother's maiden name
mn maiden name
N in addresses, North
n.k, NK not known
NARA National Archives and Records Administration (USA)
Nat, nat naturalized
nd not dated
nr near
ns not stated
NS, ns used with dates = new style
NYC New York City
occ, occup occupation, occupational
P.O. Post Office
Pa initial papers filed for naturalization (US census)
par parish
Pc, pc Piece, part of a Britsh census
Pg, p Page; p when used before a number: p42 = Page 42
PPR Principal Probate Registry
PR parish register
PRF Pedigree Resource File (LDS)
PRO Public Record Office (British), now The National Archives.
prob probate, probated
Q Quarter, in GRO Index references
rd road
reg dist registration district
regis registration
S in census, Single; in addresses, South
s/b should be
S.W. South West, a former district of London
Serv servant
Si-in-L sister-in-law
So-in-L son-in-law
spin spinster
sq square
SSA Social Security Administration (USA)
st street
St Saint or Street - should be clear from the context
sw single woman
ter terrace
TNA The National Archives (British), formerly the Public Record Office
tr transcript
Twp, twp Township
U in census, Unmarried
u. under
unm unmarried
w in an age, weeks: 5w = 5 weeks
W in census, Widow or Widower; in addresses, West
w/ with
Wd Ward
WFT World Family Tree
wid widow, widower - should be clear from context
widr widower

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