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Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Record Service   CONTACT

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HSA/1683 S/21 High Sheriff Summer Assizes. Recognisance. Bail for Job Netherwood and Joseph Smith, to be tried at Bedford Assizes for assaulting Jarvis Turner at Woburn. J. Netherwood, Long Lane, salesman. £40. Joseph Smith, same, vintner. £40. At Quarter Sessions for City of London. 1683

British Library

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   Manuscript Collections   CONTACT

Add 21424 f. 291 Neatherwood (James). Letter to Capt. Baynes. 1658
   India Office Records   CONTACT

IOR/L/MIL/11/279/210 Neatherwood, John Sgt, 1st Madras European Regiment (Fusiliers); Discharge Papers 1859-61
+ IOR/L/MIL/9/205/455-58 Netherwood, William Baynes, Cadet Papers

Devon Record Office   CONTACT

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+ 1078/IRW/N/43 Estate Duty Wills: Edmund Netherwood of Plymouth, Devon 1820

Dorset History Centre   CONTACT
   Formerly Dorset Record Office.

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DC/PL/C/D/1/62 Inquest papers. Jurors: Thomas Burt, Ambrose Banger, John Richards, William Hughes, Edward Netherwood, James Manlaws, John Moore junior, Samuel Hobbs, Joseph Morcombe, Thomas Wadham, John Bird junior, Thomas Brown, John Hiscock, James Larcombe and Peter Goodwin 1805.03.18

East Kent Archives Centre   CONTACT

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EK-U1453/B3/15/1387 Cobb Family papers, Margate Bank correspondence: Netherwood, E. of East Swale. Order for payment of £11. 1829

East Riding of Yorkshire Archives and Records Service   CONTACT

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QSF/105/C/6 Quarter Sessions Recognizances. John Hall labourer, Joseph Netherwood brewer and Thomas Moseley apothecary all of York:  appearance of J. H. c1734
+ QSF/136/B/6 Quarter Sessions Indictments. Joseph Neatherwood of Gate Fulford:  selling ale without a licence. c1742

QSF/150/A/1 Quarter Sessions Draft minutes. John Roberts of York staymaker:  theft of two pairs of worsted stockings at Lady Well house par. Gate Fulford (property of Richard Neatherwood). c1745

Greater Manchester County Record Office   CONTACT

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       Photographs related to Amelia Netherwood, nee Griffiths. See the full catalog description in A2A for more details of her family and life.

1895/4 A wedding photograph taken when Amelia married Albert Netherwood in 1916...The couple were standing outside the bride's home, 211 Barrington Street, Openshaw. Albert had just been discharged from the Army as medically unfit. He had volunteered in 1914 and had served for 2 years... 1916

1895/6 A group photograph of the donor's wedding...The bridegroom's father and stepmother are on the right...[more identifications and details of Amelia's family members]. 1916

1916/1 The donor, Amelia (Millie) Netherwood...She was working as a GPO telephonist in Manchester when the photograph was taken. c1910

1916/2 The donor and her husband Albert, enjoyed walking and camping. This photograph was taken when they went out to Hayfield for a day's outing...[identifies Albert Netherwood and others] c1920

1916/9 The donor and her husband, Albert Netherwood and their dog Patch. n.d.

1916/15 Albert Netherwood, the donor's husband was born in Huddersfield. The photograph was taken there when he was about 12 years old. [d 1963] n.d.

Guildhall Library   CONTACT

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SUN MS 11936/475/944521 Insured: Christopher Netherwood and William Rawson 21 Bucklersbury merchants 1818.07.29

Lancashire Record Office   CONTACT

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DDX/2/322 Lease for 7 years at £8 a year: The Governors to William Netherwood of Skipton, Tallow Chandler and Soap boiler. 1781.06.24

DDX/2/323 Lease for 10 years at £10 a year: The Governors to Christopher Netherwood of Skipton, Tallow Chandler and Soap boiler. 1788.06.24

DDX/2/330-331 Memorandum and Agreement between the Governors and William Netherwood of Skipton, esq., and Christopher Netherwood the younger of Steeton Hall, Kildwick, gent.,...a dwelling house in Skipton... 1825.11.29

Leeds University Library, Special Collections   CONTACT
   Handlist 110, Burmantofts Estate

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MS 442 No. 6 Quitclaim. Nicholas Netherwood and William Ambler and other. 1669.11.29

MS 442 No. 7 Enfeoffment upon marriage. Stephen Netherwood and Thomas Becke. 1672.11.18

MS 442 No. 11 Settlement upon marriage. Mary Dowker and Nicholas Netherwood and other. 1688.08.19
+ MS 442 No. 17 Will and probate. Nicholas Netherwood. [Study copy is from York Registry] 1702.07.30

MS 442 No. 35 Lease and release. Edward Watkinson and George Netherwood. 1730.01.01-02

MS 442 No. 38 Will and probate. George Netherwood. 1734.11.02

London Metropolitan Archives   CONTACT

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ACC/0891/02/01/0021-0022 Old Brentford (Ealing). Lease and release. Robert Munn, and Elizabeth his wife, to James Netherwood of Old Brentford, waterman, and Mary his wife 1708.09.28-29

ACC/0891/02/01/0023-0024 Old Brentford (Ealing). Lease and release. Mary Netherwood of Old Brentford, widow, to Thomas Manson of Chiswick, brewer 1718.07.3-4

Norfolk Record Office   CONTACT

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Pet 1073 267 x 1 Petre Estates in Yorkshire. Indenture, Declaration of Trust. £4,000 part of £10,000 secured on estates of William Netherwood, Esq., in Glusburn (Yorks.) 1841

North Yorkshire County Record Office   CONTACT

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ZDD/I/1/7/6; MIC 3066/630 Conveyance and assignment. Kettlewell. Warren Simondon of Starbotton, gent. and Christopher Netherwood of Skipton, tallow chandler 1796.04.13-14

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ADM 106/1151/335 Chatham Officers. Opinion on value of the anchor taken up on the North Foreland, delivered by Edmund Netherwood of Strood, fisherman. 1767.09.05

ADM 106/1154/238 Commissioner Thomas Hanway, Chatham. Receipt of letter to contract for reed. Cornelius Ryan, cook of the Antelope, asks to be discharged to go to Greenwich Hospital and recommends Thomas Craig, late cook of the Monmouth, in his place. Encloses an opinion of an anchor taken up by Edmund Netherwood, fisherman of Strood (not now attached).. 1767.09.05

ADM 106/1154/240 Commissioner Thomas Hanway, Chatham. Receipt of warrants to pay salvage for an anchor taken up off the North Foreland by Edmund Netherwood and to enter Thomas Craig, cook of the Antelope... 1767.09.08

   Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

MAF 6/8 Release of right by Miss Judith Netherwood to Asser Vassall of so much of the estate purchased by George Vassall, deceased, as is freehold and descended to Asser Vassall. 1774.08.20


ASSI 45/6/2/55 Netherwood, Robert; Duck, Abraham 1662

   Board of Trade

BT 31/13135/108197 No. of Company: 108197; Netherwood Kelsey & Company Ltd. 1910

BT 31/21443/128853 No. of Company: 128853; Netherwood Ltd. 1913

BT 31/22793/140000 No. of Company: 140000; Gilbert Netherwood & Company Ltd. 1915

BT 372/1936/65 R648797 Netherwood P A 19/11/1938 Liverpool 1913-1972

BT 372/235/61 R203813 Netherwood A 09/04/1920 Liverpool

BT 372/2597/7 R805646 Netherwood G 31/05/1945 Huddersfield 1913-1972


C 1/862/5 Richard Netherwodd v. William and Thomas Wympe.: Mill and land in Burton Leonard of the demise of William Gascoigne, knight.: York. 1532-1538

C 1/922/13-14 John Warner, clerk, and Robert Netherwoode, executors of John Smyth, parson of Brisley. v. John Perner and Edmund Gogney.: Household goods of the said Smyth.: Norfolk.

C 10/119/105 Pawson v Netherwood, Marshall, Jackson and Sykes 1672

C 10/130/52 Netherwood v. Pinder: Yorks 1677

C 10/17/93 Ord v. Netherwood and Wouldhave: Northumb 1651

C 10/34/102 Hollinger v. Gascoigne, Lupton, Theakston, Neatherwood, Moxon 1641

C 10/415/32 Coates v. Netherwood: Yorks 1692

C 10/77/93 Pawson v. Netherwood, Marshall, Sykes and Jackson: Yorks 1663

C 10/87/66 Netherwood v. Watson: Yorks 1667

C 11/1665/33 Netherwood v. Nokes 1753

C 11/2355/29 Woodgate v Netherwood 1716

C 11/287/21 Orpwood v. Netherwood c1714-16
+ C 12/153/32 Netherwood v. Fourness 1787
+ C 12/1742/39 Netherwood v. Samuda 1796

C 12/1856/20 Netherwood v. Nokes 1757

C 12/713/19 Nodes [Nokes?] v. Netherwood 1754

C 13/1498/4 Allison v Netherwood. Bill only 1829

C 13/1508/25 Netherwood v Blesard. Depositions 1831

C 13/19/6 Netherwood v Chamberlain. Bill and answer. Plaintiffs: Catherine Netherwood. Defendants: Robert Chamberlain 1802

C 13/2114/30 Netherwood v Hall. Answer 1813

C 13/2120/10 Netherwood v Southern. Bill and answer 1814

C 13/2131/26 Netherwood v Walker. Answer 1816

C 13/2768/12 Bradley v Netherwood. Bill only 1814

C 13/3113/26 Netherwood v Carr. Two Bills and answer. Plaintiffs: Christopher Netherwood. Defendants: John Carr 1842

C 13/3114/6 Netherwood v Carr. Answer. Plaintiffs: Christopher Netherwood. Defendants: John Carr 1843

C 13/925/9 Netherwood v Blesard. Three answers 1829

C 13/93/10 Netherwood v Chamberlain...Plaintiffs: Catherine Netherwood. Defendants: Robert Chamberlain and Thomas Hornby 1808

C 13/946/5 Netherwood v Bleasard. Three bills and four answers 1830

C 14/1075/A1 Alcock v Netherwood 1850

C 14/262/L66 Longbottom v Netherwood. Bill, certificate, plea 1844

C 14/425/N10 Netherwood v Alcock. Three bills, answer 1845

C 14/572/N13 Netherwood v Dresser. Bill only 1846

C 14/879/N27 Netherwood v Netherwood. Bill, certificate, answer, bill, three answers, replication 1848

C 142/169/76 Netherwood, William: York [Inquisition Post Mortem] c1574

C 142/562/79 Netherwood, George: York [Inquisition Post Mortem] c1637

C 142/670/93 Netherwood, Robert: York [Inquisition Post Mortem] c1614

C 142/705/152 Netherwood, James: York [Inquisition Post Mortem] c1617

C 2/Eliz/B29/28 Thomas Brown v Walter Laycok, John Netherwood and Henry Thorneton. Deeds to complete titles by purchase. A tenement and land in Poole, a tenement and orchard at Harwood Bridge in the parish of Harwood, Yorkshire, and an oxgang of land in Castley, parcel of the possessions of the late monastery of Fountains. between

C 202/207/13 [Oaths of Masters Extraordinary in Chancery] …York W.R. - William Driver, William Pybus, George Smith, Charles Bisset Walker, Thomas Watson; York W.R. - William Broughton, William Clough, John Dixon, John Firth the younger, Christopher Netherwood the younger,... 1819

C 22/133/18 Netherwood v. Watson betw 1649-1714

C 22/134/45 Netherwood v. Watson betw 1649-1714

C 22/816/52 Pawson v. Netherwood & others. [inheritance dispute] 1664

C 22/818/5 Pawson v. Netherwood & others. 1665

C 5/589/26 Baines v. Netherwood: York 1695

C 6/96/78 Equity pleading. Pershall v Foxcroft. Plaintiffs Rachael Pershall, Thomas Pershall. Defendants Joseph Foxcroft, William Haste, Susanna Ray, Judith Netherwood widow, Robert Barker, Richard Hollings. Leeds. to 1704

C 9/390/28 Dickins v. Netherwood 1682

   Education and Science

ED 94/153 Netherwood, Miss J. E. Extension of tenure of State Scholarship for one-year post-graduate course leading to Certificate of Social Studies approval. 1952:


E 133/91/31 Netherwood v Frost Eliz-Victoria

E 321/43/82 Anthony Hyndmershe v. William Netherwoodd Answer: lands late of Guisborough (Gysborne) priory, Yorks

   King's Bench

KB 101/17/27 Alcock and others v Netherwood 1845 Easter

   Palatinate of Lancester

PL 31/54 Barlow v Netherwood

+ PROB 4/689 Netherwode, William, of Ealing, in Middlesex, but ob in Navy. Engrossed inventory. 1667.10.30

   Record Office Gifts, Deposits, etc.

PRO 30/45/1 Letters addressed to Samuel March Phillips, 1829-1841. Permanent Under Secretary 16/7/1826-14/5/1848: Wilbraham Taylor forwarding letters from Grace Netherwood and Richard Gardiner to Sir James Graham 1841.12.29

   Star Chamber

STAC 5/T24/30 Tregisse v. Pretallock, Netherwood and others 1558-1603

   State Papers

SP 34/36/117 Petition of Elizabeth Netherwood, widow, daughter of Thomas Humble. Her father provided the queen's father and uncle with money in their exile, which has never been recompensed, and she prays for some provision to be made for her Anne
   Supreme Court

J 121/5170 Testator: Netherwood, William Baynes 1900

   War Office

WO 339/111757 Netherwood N 1914-1922

WO 339/139690 Netherwood E 1914-1922

WO 339/84179 Netherwood H 1914-1922

WO 363/MIS-SORTS 65/52 Netherwood, Harry, Image Range: 0794-0825 1914-1920

WO 363/N 102 Nethercott, Harold E - Netherwood, William 1914-1922

WO 363/N 103 Netherwood, William - Nettleton, Fred 1914-1922

   Wards and Liveries
+ WARD 7/15/2 Netherwood, William: York [Latin] c1574

WARD 7/90/170 Netherwood, George: York c1637

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Wakefield   CONTACT
   Wakefield is WYAS headquarters. The main catalog allows searching of all branches at once as well as archives of Yorkshire Archeological Society.

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C219 Earlsheaton in the manor of Wakefield. Copy surrender by Elizabeth Speight of Dewsbury widow, John Kirke of Alverthorpe gent. and Mary his wife of a tenement called the Streetside, [numerous named closes]...all in Earlsheaton in the graveship of Ossett and manor of Wakefield, formerly in the tenure of James Speight and now in the tenure of Richard Hemmingway, owing rent 10s4d... To the use of Nicholas Netherwood of Mab Gate Leeds gent. for 99 years. Consideration: a red rose. May 3 James II [1687]

C85/3/6/29/p289-291 Medical case book. Draft. Ann Netherwood. Huddersfield.

C85/3/6/49/p497-499 Medical case book. Draft. Elizabeth Netherwood. Skipton. Includes chart.

C85/3/6/50/p133-135 Medical case book. Draft. Elizabeth Netherwood. Skipton.

C99/431 National Union of Dyers, Bleachers and Textile Workers Records, No.2 District Secretary's correspondence relating to Walter Netherwood and Son Outlane 1948

QS1/21/1/2/4 Quarter Sessions Records. Wetherby Sessions. Nicholas Netherwood says one fat cow was stolen from him by John__ and George Goodgen 1682.01

QS1/21/1/8/2 Quarter Sessions Records. Letter from Francis Catterson of Skipton re sale of a cow for £3 by Richard Pickering to Richard Iley and George Goodgeon butchers. Cow claimed by one Netherwood who demands £3. 5s payment and their arrest. 1682.01

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Bradford   CONTACT

Reference Catalog Item

SpSt/4/11/127/11 Spencer Stanhope of Horsforth, Family and Estate Archive. Grant: 1. Simon, son of Thomas son of Henry de Wakefeld (Wakefield)  2. John de Nedewod (Netherwood?) of York, and Johanna his wife (grantor's daughter). Property: a rent of 6s from a tenement in Wakefield which John de Waterton holds, lying in the west street between the tenement of the heirs of John son of Richard de Mora on the east, and the tenement of John Saghar (Sagar?), butcher, on the west... Seal: detached, on tag, fragment of natural coloured wax. Latin. 1357.03.06

HOD/1/24 Richard Hodgson of Horton and Whetley in Manningham, Family and Estate Archive Letter from Christopher Netherwood junior of Steeton Hall, to R. Hodgson of Whetley. Concerning business between R. Hodgson & Lord Ribblesdale. 1823.06.24

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale   CONTACT

Reference Catalog Item

RU:508 Rushworth Collection of deeds, wills and other documents relating to Halifax and District. Lease for 18 years. 1 Mary Wetherherd, Halifax, spinster; 2 Titus Netherwood, Halifax, clothdresser. Property: cottage with appurtenances at North Gate End, Halifax. Rent: £10 10s per year 1788.05.01

SH:1/WR/1747 Feb 12-13 Lister Family of Shibden Hall. Lease and release by Joshua Threapland, Halifax, and Hannah, his wife, Abraham Threapland, Northowram, and Susannah, his wife, Mary Threapland, Halifax, and Nathan Netherwood, Halifax, to James Lister, Shibden Hall, of Lower Willroyd. 1747.02.12-13

SH:1/WR/1756 Mar 25-26 Lister Family of Shibden Hall. Lease and release by John Netherwood and Mary, his wife, to James Lister, Shibden Hall, of a messuage called Lower Willroyd and 6 closes 1756.03.25-26

SH:1/WR/1756 Mar 26/2 Lister Family of Shibden Hall. Admittance of John Netherwood, Wakefield, into 1/4 of Lower Willroyd (Northowram) 1756.03.26

SH:1/WR/1756 May 7 Lister Family of Shibden Hall. Surrender by John Netherwood, Wakefield, and Mary, his wife, to James Lister, of 1/4 of Lower Willroyd (Northowram) 1756.05.07

SH:7/LL/51 Lister Family of Shibden Hall. Letter from Daniel Netherwood to James Lister, Shibden Hall, apothecary. Concerns payment of his rent. 1724.11.10

SH:7/ML/650 Lister Family of Shibden Hall. Letter from Christopher Netherwood, junior, Keighley, to Anne Lister, Shibden Hall. Reminds her of money due to him with regard to Mrs Ferguson. 1833.01.07

WYC:1089/160 Salterhebble All Saints and Cragg Vale St Johns Deeds and related papers. 1 Samuel Nichols, Southowram, clothdresser, and Grace, his wife; 2 Timothy Netherwood, Southowram, clothdresser. Property: parcel of waste ground at Bank Top, Southowram. Consideration: £102 10s 1784.06.24

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Kirklees   CONTACT

Reference Catalog Item

DD/T/L/X/11 Deighton. Counterpart. Richard Netherwood, Shalloon Maker, Deighton 1784

DD/T/L/X/19 Deighton. Lease and counterpart. Richard Netherwood, clothier of Deighton 1799

DD/T/L/X/24 Deighton. Counterpart. Miles Netherwood, clothier of Huddersfield 1799

DD/T/PL/1 Plan of a proposed weir for T. Thornhill. In field in occupation of M. Netherwood. n.d.

DD/WBE/199 Beaumont of Whitley. Papers concerning coal leases in Lepton. Leases held by James Swift and Arthur Netherwood of Victoria Collieries, Lepton; with plans. 1898-1931

KX331 Lindley, sale plan and particulars for brewery belonging to George Netherwood, with public houses, beerhouses, and shop, 1899, (photocopies) 1899

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Leeds   CONTACT

Reference Catalog Item

WYL100/NE/22 Temple Newsam Family. Lease. Witnesses William Lister, James Netherwood, Antho. Clarke 1641.01.29

WYL500/124 Stansfield of Esholt, Family and Estate Archive. Idle. Feoffment. From James Netherwood of Idle yeoman, to Nicholas Hobson of Idle, in fulfilment of covenants in an indenture of 23 March, of a moiety of Crocket Roide, Idlawe-moore close, Crofte, great Idlawe, all in Idle, which premises he bought (inter alia) from George Earl of Cumberland and Francis Clifford. 1586.03.24

York City Archives   CONTACT

Reference Catalog Item

F.12/f141r Quarter Sessions Minutes, York City and Ainsty: Oath of Allegiance, Joseph Netherwood 1723.09.14

Yorkshire Archaeological Society   CONTACT

Reference Catalog Item

DD160/23 Tancred's Foundation. Certificate: 'I do hereby certify that William Netherwood, the Petitioner named in the annexed petition, is a native of Great Britain and of the religion of the Established Church of England, and was baptised at Skipton on June 21st, 1792' Oct. 1849… The petitioner was William Netherwood 'now residing at 61 Renshaw St., Liverpool, son of Christopher Netherwood of Skipton, Banker and Wire [sic: Wine] Merchant'. He had been a man of substance, but was now without means of support. He applied to be a Tancred's Pensioner. Nineteen Skipton men, of some note, supported the application. 1849-1860

MD274 Netherwood, Rishworth, Warwick and other families, deeds and other documents relating to Heaton, Bradford, Idle, Rawdon, Yeadon and elsewhere, including plans of Esholt 18th-19th cent, Idle 1815, Markington 1727 and Menston Beck n.d. (19th cent); copy deed of annuity for a preaching minister at Bradford parish church 1671 and 18th cent; accounts of the overseer of the poor for Yeadon 1663; manuscript extracts from John Evelyn's 'Terra' and the 'Practical Farmer' and from pamphlets on the wool trade 18th cent; direction for preparation of colours etc and painting pictures early 19th cent. 16th-19th c.

MD335/2/3/9/3 Bradfer-Lawrence. Copy of division of the boundary between Kildwick, Silsden and Bradley, made by the Earl of Cumberland and Richard Prior of Bolton, 6 May 1532; division between moors and waste of Kildwick and Fernhill, 1562 - Perambulation of the boundaries of Kildwick, 1727 [William Netherwood, John of Hamblethorp] [1727.06.05]

SMD0335/2/2/1/8 Pollard deeds relating to closes of land in Wike. [Many documents including] 1700 Settlement of two messuages and closes (Wheat Croft, Well Close etc) in Wike, William Pollard of Wike and his son Samuel, to Caleb Wilkinson of Halifax, innkeeper and Timothy Netherwood of South Owram, clothier, trustees for Samuel Pollard. 1700

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