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Archival Citations (UK)

For documents where the personal name is known.

A. TNA Board of Trade
Albert Greater Manchester CRO
Amelia Greater Manchester CRO 1916-c1920
Ann WYAS Wakefield
Arthur WYAS Kirklees 1898-1931
Catherine TNA Chancery 1802
Catherine TNA Chancery 1808
Christopher Guildhall Library 1818.07.29
Christopher, William Lancashire RO 1825.11.29
Christopher North Yorkshire CRO 1796.04.13
[Christopher] TNA Chancery 1787
Christopher TNA Chancery 1819
Christopher TNA Chancery 1842
Christopher TNA Chancery 1843
Christopher WYAS Calderdale 1833.01.07
Daniel WYAS Calderdale 1724.11.10
E. East Kent Archives Centre 1829
E. TNA War Office 1914-22
Edmund Devon RO 1820
Edmund TNA Admiralty 1767.09.05
Edmund TNA Admiralty 1767.09.05
Edmund TNA Admiralty 1767.09.08
Edward Dorset RO 1805.03.18
Elizabeth TNA State Papers Anne [1702-1714]
Elizabeth WYAS Wakefield
G. TNA Board of Trade 1913-1972
George Leeds University Library 1730.01.01
George Leeds University Library 1734.11.02
George TNA Chancery c1637
[George] TNA Chancery 1796
George TNA Ward c1637
George WYAS Kirklees 1899
Gilbert TNA Board of Trade 1915
Grace TNA Record Office Gifts... 1841.12.29
H. TNA War Office 1914-1922
Harry TNA War Office 1914-1920
J. E., Miss TNA Education and Science 1952: 1949-53
James British Library Manuscripts 1658
James London Metropolitan Archives 1708.09.28
James TNA Chancery c1617
James WYAS Leeds 1586.03.24
James WYAS Leeds 1641.01.29
Job Bedfordshire and Luton ARS 1683
John British Library, India Office 1859-61
John TNA Chancery 1558-1603 betw
John Yorkshire Archaeological Service 1727.06.05
John WYAS Calderdale 1756.03.26
John, Mary WYAS Calderdale 1756.03.25
John, Mary WYAS Calderdale 1756.05.07
Joseph East Riding of Yorkshire ARS c1734
Joseph East Riding of Yorkshire ARS c1742
Joseph York City Archives 1723.09.14
Judith TNA Agriculture, Fisheries 1774.08.20
Judith TNA Chancery to 1704
M. WYAS Kirklees n.d.
Mary London Metropolitan Archives 1718.07.3-4
Mary, John WYAS Calderdale 1756.03.25
Mary, John WYAS Calderdale 1756.05.07
Miles WYAS Kirklees 1799
N. TNA War Office 1914-22
Nathan WYAS Calderdale 1747.02.12
Nicholas Leeds University Library 1669.11.29
Nicholas Leeds University Library 1688.08.19
Nicholas Leeds University Library 1702.07.30
Nicholas WYAS Wakefield 1682.01
Nicholas WYAS Wakefield 1682.01
Nicholas WYAS Wakefield 1687
P. A. TNA Board of Trade 1913-1972
Richard East Riding of Yorkshire ARS c1745
Richard TNA Chancery 1532-38
Richard WYAS Kirklees 1784
Richard WYAS Kirklees 1799
Robert TNA Assizes 1662
Robert TNA Chancery
Robert TNA Chancery c1614
Stephen Leeds University Library 1672.11.18
Timothy WYAS Calderdale 1784.06.24
Timothy Yorkshire Archaeological Society 1700
Titus WYAS Calderdale 1788.05.01
Walter WYAS Wakefield 1948
William, John Yorkshire Archaeological Service 1727.06.05
William Lancashire RO 1781.06.24
William Lancashire RO 1788.06.24
William, Christopher Lancashire RO 1825.11.29
William Norfolk RO 1841
William TNA Chancery c1574
William TNA Exchequer
William TNA Probate 1667.10.30
William TNA Ward c1574
William WYAS -K? 1849-1860
William TNA War Office 1914-22
William Baynes British Library, India Office
William Baynes TNA Supreme Court 1900

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