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This site is best explored by BROWSING rather than searching. It has been designed to make browsing easy, with data pages sorted alphabetically by first name then by date.

Searching is less effective for several reasons: Most people on the site are surnamed Netherwood, making Netherwood fairly ueless as a search term. For the same reason Netherwood as a surname has actually been omitted from the web pages and only the first names appear. As in most families, however, many Netherwoods have the same first name, so this too is of limited use. Using two search words does not solve the problem, either - searching for 'John' and 'Huddersfield' returns every data page since every page contains the word John and the word Huddersfield somewhere within it.

Two phrase searches by FreeFind can be especially helpful with this problem. NEAR PHRASE looks for words located close to each other and BROAD PHRASE for words located a little further apart - see the examples below. Other search options are available and complete information is found via the 'search tips' link on the FreeFind search results page.

SQUARE brackets* for a near phrase:   [martha huddersfield]  returns three entries from the GRO Death Index for Martha in the Huddersfield Registration District (Martha in 1843, Martha Betty Nutter in 1849, and Martha in 1856).

CURLY brackets* for a broad phrase:   {martha huddersfield}  returns the three Death Index entries above as well as census, directory and GRO marriage entries for one or more Marthas in Huddersfield.

The searches are performed only in the order entered. For more complete results, make a second search with the order reversed:

[huddersfield martha] and/or {huddersfield martha}


*If your PC keyboard does not have these brackets you can produce them from the character map or from the keypad, as follows: Making sure 'num lock' is on, hold down the ALT key and enter the appropriate numbers from the keypad at right (not the numbers at the top).

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